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The ALL-ACCESS PASS allows for UP TO 5 press release distributions per month along with all web technology app channels activated in the highest tier available including Media Room, Twitter, Reddit, and Google Review app channels.

This solution is a powerful Digital PR, SEO, and Web Presence Technology Platform that enables your business to be positioned as an authority and expert in your industry or niche. It also greatly assists the marketing team to move the Google business listing to page one in Map Pack and Organic rankings over time with continued use. Monthly use and integration with a website and related Google MyBusiness (GMB) listing will move the needle for page 1 Google rankings. The typical time to rank is 3-6 months but it can take 6-12 months or longer for highly competitive industries and geographic areas.


This is a monthly Digital PR and SEO product with multiple deliverables on the target website, monthly content, and direct integration into the Activity Feed/Stream and Executive Reporting. Brand Signals provides you the ability to publish brand content to a high-quality network of major TV, Radio and Newspaper authorities throughout the USA which are MUCH BETTER than the average guest post blogging site. We have a direct Google Maps API integration for Google Map displays of your business listing and a proprietary media room app for one-click publishing and optimization of content on your website. This is a proven solution. Just rinse and repeat monthly until you have the rankings you want, then keep at least one article per month going through the Brand Signals engine to keep your rankings in place.

60-70% of ALL LEADS from search are generated by the map pack or 3-pack. “Maps SEO” or Local SEO for local businesses has only increased since the global pandemic struck. With the world becoming even more ‘digital’, small businesses now realize the importance of being visible in the Google results, as this is where your customers are. SEO and Google Map Pack rankings are the biggest opportunity for driving new business from Google. Brand Signals was developed to enable ANY BUSINESS to do their own SEO, without having to learn SEO or hire an SEO team.

  • Easily start deploying SEO for your business without becoming SEO experts.
  • Create brand mentions, backlinks, Google business listing, on-page and citation signals with each press release!
  • This is a very easy setup on your website which takes no more than 10-15 minutes total. Once setup, you will feed targeted, optimized content into the Brand Signals engine and create hundreds of ranking signals with each article syndicated through the Brand Signals platform.
  • Noticeably and predictably move the needle in organic and map pack rankings for clients without having to do any of the work other than ordering your content each month with your preferred content writer.
  • Build your reputation and position your business as the top expert in your industry and geographic service area.

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