Broker Match AI Solves Real Estate Recruiting Challenges

Brokerages are in a tough position right now. There’s increased competition from non-traditional participants, and virtual firms can invade your territory at any moment. In addition, high interest rates have made it harder to secure sales. Existing home sales have declined by around 20% from their most recent peak in February 2023. With these market conditions, it’s a great time to consolidate your brokerage and focus on implementing new tools that can help you succeed going forward.

Expanding your network of agents can help you hedge your exposure to a single market while bringing in more revenue. However, many brokerages are struggling to secure top talent. A survey by the National Association of Realtors found that around 22% of firms reported agent retention as a significant problem, while another 18% found it difficult to recruit younger agents. By improving your recruiting, you solve both of these problems. How can new AI-recruitment tools like Broker Match AI help?

Saving Time With Automation

Your most valuable resource is time. It’s also your biggest obstacle when it comes to real estate agent recruiting. You could easily spend a whole day scouring LinkedIn and other networks for qualified agents and reaching out to them. Boilerplate copy-paste messages just won’t cut it, so you need to craft personalized messages for each. On top of that, it’s difficult to tell when your efforts are paying off, so you can end up wasting time with a suboptimal strategy.

What if the whole search and outreach process could be automated? That’s precisely what we’ve set out to accomplish with Broker Match AI. Using a combination of AI models and our own code, we’ve developed a tool that can perform searches and reach out to potential agents with minimal intervention on your part. However, we believe AI works best when coupled with human intuition and expertise, so we help you develop your AI-driven campaign with our experts for best results.

High-Precision Recruiting

The more precisely you target potential agents, the more likely you are to secure a viable lead. Sweeping, vague messages that target anyone with a pulse can actually turn useful allies away as they may not see the benefit in working with your brokerage. In contrast, if you’re looking for a commercial agent from a specific area to expand your operations there, targeting exactly that kind of agent and sending a relevant message will have a much better impact.

This process is normally time-consuming, which is where AI comes into the picture. An AI-powered application can scan profiles and determine how relevant they are to your search parameters. AI goes beyond LinkedIn’s search filters by also looking at users’ comments and posts to better understand their profile. Profiles considered a match then receive a tailored message. This high-precision approach to recruiting is far more effective.

Data Analytics to Refine Your Recruiting Process

How do you know if your recruiting methods are actually working? Most brokerages will simply set a goal for agent acquisition and work until they achieve it. However, you can shorten the process by working smarter, not harder. With data analytics, AI will collect information about your recruitment campaign and analyze it to see what’s working and what isn’t.

With this feature, you could run two campaigns simultaneously to perform an A/B test and see which had better results. Alternatively, you could run your campaigns for a set period of time, evaluate results, make adjustments, and measure the next campaign’s performance. This iterative approach will help you gradually improve your recruitment to the point of mastery.

How Does BrokerMatch Actually Work?

Our AI solution for brokers is designed to work in tandem with other applications for best results. A package of applications is also known as a “stack” in development. From the beginning, our goal at Broker App Stack was to develop a stack of applications that help brokers with everything they need. However, each application can work as a standalone service.

The applications run in the cloud, meaning that you don’t have to install anything on your computer or mobile device. You can access the apps from anywhere thanks to this approach.

LinkedIn Integration

Our software is designed to integrate seamlessly with your LinkedIn account. LinkedIn has an API that allows other programs to interface with the platform and access more information than you could on your own, and more quickly. This allows the application to scan profiles and user content to find the right matches for your brokerage.

Our AI generates personalized messages to prospects by taking data from your personal profile and from the target’s profile. You control the degree of automation in the text of your messages. You can specify which details should be personalized or how to adjust the tone of your messaging.

Tracking Results and Reporting

Our software records each and every attempt to contact potential leads and records the results. You’ll get a breakdown of how many people received messages, how many opened and read the message, and how many replied. With this data, you can optimize future campaigns and explore trends over time. Data analytics only become better as more data is collected, so eventually you’ll be able to capitalize on insights that others lack.

For example, you might find that your campaigns are more successful in certain months. When you can pin down the perfect time to reach out, you’ll make your campaigns that much more effective. It’s all made possible thanks to robust data collection and reporting.

Is BrokerMatch Worth It?

As a broker, how much is your time worth? When you consider how much time you and your staff can save by using real estate recruiting software, there’s a clear and immediate return on investment. Brokerages can see an average increase in revenue of about $50,000 per agent they sign. If your new software gets you just one agent this year, it’ll have paid for itself several fold.

Nevertheless, we aspire to more than just securing a single agent. In fact, we invite brokerages to take our Half Million Dollar Challenge. We are confident you’ll find not one, but ten quality agents that you can bring on to add half a million dollars in revenue to your brokerage.

Guaranteed Results

If you’re still not sure if an AI tool like BrokerMatch is right for you, give it a try and see for yourself with our 30-day free trial. And if you do decide that you want to buy a license, we guarantee you’ll get those 10 agents within 90 days when you opt for our BrokerMatch “Done-for-You” full-service model, which includes human support for setup and guidance along the way.

Visit and sign up for your free trial or contact ​us to learn more about our powerful AI solutions for brokers.