Half Million Dollar – Broker Challenge: Drive $500k in Revenue in 90-Days

A game-changer has emerged. Revolutionizing real estate agent recruitment, this tool combines artificial intelligence and comprehensive profile data to connect real estate brokerages with the ideal real estate professionals to join their teams.

The result is a targeted recruiting strategy that streamlines the recruiting process and boosts incremental revenue by $54,0000 for every new real estate agent that joins your real estate team.

Broker Match’s $500K Guaranteed Offer?

BrokerMatch.Ai’s offer is a first in the real estate industry. You will receive ten qualified real estate agent’s you’ve identified as a perfect recruit. Within 90 days you will see these systems implemented and consistently generating qualified agents to join your brokerage.

Targeted, new recruits every month. Over $500,000 of added incremental revenue for every 10 new agents.

  • BrokerMatch.ai Is a Powerful Tool That Uses Artificial Intelligence to Match Real Estate Brokerages With the Perfect Agent Recruits.
  • This Broker App Stack Revolutionizes the Recruitment Process by Minimizing Transportation Costs.
  • The Platform Utilizes Machine Learning to Assess Profile Data and Agent Commission Split to Find the Perfect Fit for Both Broker and Agent.
  • It Streamlines the Recruitment Process, Enhances Social Media Presence, and adds $500,000.

How Does BrokerMatch.Ai Work?

a real estate agent and a brokerage representative shaking hands in agreement.

BrokerMatch.Ai’s real estate agent recruitment process employs advanced artificial intelligence to match real estate brokerages with perfectly identified agents. This part of a brokerage’s overall broker app stack revolutionizes the recruitment process by leveraging the most advanced generative ai-guided recruiting software in the real estate industry.

With BrokerMatch.Ai, let our real estate recruiters manage the oft-daunting interview process, and ensure all qualifiers are identified providing smooth real estate agent onboarding. This proptech is unlocking new opportunities at every turn while reinforcing the recruiting efforts of established residential real estate brokerages across the country.

Ready to learn how to recruit real estate agents?

a real estate agent using a computer to access the brokermatch.ai platform for streamlined recruitment processes.

The BrokerMatch.AI platform equips businesses with the tools necessary to streamline their real estate agent recruitment processes. This unparalleled component of your Broker App Stack ensures carrier capacity to target, approach, and successfully recruit new agents. Business owners can ensure their brokerage is consistently fueled by team members driving sales.

A Brokerage Solution with a Human Touch

Recruiting agents is a science. BrokerMatch.AI employs industry leading neuroscience data to optimize the recruitment strategy. BrokerMatch.AI believes in the partnership between humans and AI.

Modernizing and streamlining the real estate agent recruiting process with AI and machine learning doesn’t mean losing the personal touch. Whether it’s email marketing or enhancing the customer experience through Metricool, Content AI, BrokerMatch.AI provides unique opportunities for success support.

The Broker Match Agent Recruitment Process

a person using a computer to match agents with real estate brokerages using advanced ai technology.

The BrokerMatch.Ai platform empowers businesses with a sophisticated, AI-driven process to expedite the real estate agent recruitment procedure. Through intricate machine learning algorithms, the platform assimilates data points from an agent’s profile, aligning them perfectly with the requirements of your real estate team. This precision matchmaking significantly reduces the trials of traditional methods, bringing a higher degree of certainty in real estate agent recruitment.

BrokerMatch.Ai leverages social media content and channels to project your brokerage’s business listings and engagereal estate professionals. This enhanced brand awareness acts as a magnet for potential agents, fostering an organic, self-driven interest in joining your real estate team.

As part of the recruiting process, BrokerMatch.AI incorporates meaningful matches that are not simply about technical compatibility. You’re also ensured that personal and professional expectations of the agents is established prior to you meeting them.

$500K in 90 Days – Half Million Dollar Broker Challenge

Broker Match’s recruiters have the ability to add over $500,000 of incremental revenue through targeted recruiting. Every new productive onboarded real estate agent is worth approximately $50K in gross commission income on average to your business.

HALF MILLION DOLLAR-BROKER CHALLENGE:The BrokerMatch.Ai 90-day challenge offer real estate agent a first in the industry offer. For a limited time clients can see first-hand this industry leading technologies implemented in your residential real estate brokerage.

GUARANTEED RESULTS: We are proud to guarantee that you will be presented with 10 ideal candidates who match criteria you establish with the team.

Offer limited to brokerages with 50 or more agents and the internal teams needed to process new recruits. Contact BrokerMatch.Ai for more information or to get started.