Real Estate Search Tools Can’t Compare to Homebot AI

Many of the real estate search tools that homebuyers use on their phones or online only show listings that have been placed directly on that platform. This creates a segmented market that forces buyers to bounce between sites to find the perfect home. This adds time to the process, and time is precious now more than ever. Although the average time on the market was around 50 days in 2023, certain local markets have more complicated circumstances.

Places like Grand Rapids, Michigan or Lakewood, Colorado have turnover times shorter than a week! Buyers need more listings, and they need them now. Our AI-powered software scours all platforms for listings and consolidates them into one easy application. And to ensure it doesn’t miss out on any homes for sale, we’ve added a powerful feature to the application. The IDX is a game changer for homeowners, though many of them don’t know how beneficial it can be.

What Is the IDX, and How Does It Help Homebuyers?

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange. While that may sound fairly mundane in today’s tech-powered real estate market, it’s actually one of the most important systems in real estate. It’s operated by the National Association of Realtors and allows listings to be shared across platforms. In much the same way that the Global Distribution System lets travel agencies book flights from any airline, the Internet Data Exchange allows listings registered with other brokerages or agents to appear on other platforms.

Not only does the Internet Data Exchange give homebuyers more listings, it also gets those listings faster. The Internet Data Exchange is constantly being updated and can push new listings out instantly if permitted by the primary agent. When combined with our AI-driven software that can scan for relevant listings and bring them to homebuyers, you’re sure to secure more sales for your agents by putting Homebot AI in their clients’ hands. So, how does it work?

Give Real Estate Buyers the Information They Want

Although homebuyers will probably only visit about a dozen homes before deciding, they now look at dozens more online before scheduling those appointments. Homebuyers no longer want to drive around the neighborhood and write down phone numbers posted on signs in the yard. Indeed, more than half say they found their final choice online. Still, trends are changing. Now, real estate buyers want information on their mobile phones. Mobile home-finding apps have surged in popularity recently.

However, even with search filters, these apps don’t truly understand the buyer. This is where the added features in our technology take home searching to the next level. By analyzing the customer’s current homeownership, equity, loan market conditions, and budget restraints, homebuyers can focus on the homes they’re most likely to be able to afford. They can also see the bigger picture, understanding how their purchase will impact their greater wealth. This is what homeowners need to succeed.

Keep Homeowners Engaged With Their Equity

For most homebuyers, the buying process ends after closing. After that, they disconnect from their homeownership. While it’s natural to expect a new homeowner to enjoy the honeymoon phase of living in their new home, changing market conditions mean that homeowners should stay focused on their home’s value and how it impacts their overall wealth. A house is almost always an individual’s largest lifetime investment, so how can you help your clients stay engaged with their investment?

By taking clients’ mortgage information and updating the home’s expected value with current market conditions, you can give your clients a real-time look at how their home’s value has progressed, and how much equity has been built. In the same way that stock investors like to check their portfolio every day, you can make checking in on their home equity a daily treat. By hooking homeowners in for good, you open up many opportunities for repeat business.

Stimulate Repeat Business

Think about what you can do for clients when you are constantly monitoring their equity. Better yet, think about what AI can do for you automatically. Should mortgage rates drop, you could push a refinancing offer straight to a client. In fact, you could connect them with several lenders to give them options to compare. Likewise, you can provide better home insurance offers to clients. By helping your clients save money, you improve your retention rates to secure future sales.

Ultimately, the goal for agents is to get more sales. More sales for agents means more commissions for them and the brokerage. AI can help stimulate sales sooner than anticipated. For example, if a client’s home’s value spikes due to increased demand in the area, the app could encourage them to consider selling to take advantage of the opportunity. To make it easier, the app can reveal other markets where it would be ideal to buy. It’s that simple.

Agent Branding Personalizes the Experience

Of course, encouraging a client to buy and sell more frequently does little for your brokerage if the client doesn’t stick with your agent. That’s why we’ve built agent branding into the application. By adding the realtor’s name and image to the app, it makes the client feel as though this app came straight from the agent. Offers and advice feel personalized, making them seem more trustworthy and reliable. Best of all, the agent is one tap away.

This design ensures that homeowners see their agent as their key source of information. It makes the agent the first line of contact for questions. Over time, this creates a strong relationship that will lock in repeat business and boost sales. It’s great for word-of-mouth recommendations, too, as users are often eager to show others what their agent’s app can do. Technology can set your agents apart from the rest, but Homebot isn’t the only tool they can use.

Boost Agents’ Potential With a Full App Stack

These days, software is highly specialized. Instead of trying to find the one piece of software that does it all, it’s better to look for a stack of programs that tackle different tasks in harmony. That’s the philosophy that drives us at BrokerAppStack. We’ve developed applications for brokers and agents that can be used separately, but when combined, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Other apps can boost agent visibility online through content generation, for example.

Contact BrokerAppStack or visit our website to sign up for a 30-day free trial of Homebot AI or any of the other apps we have for brokers and agents. Our AI-powered apps don’t require any complex systems or programming knowledge to run, and they can significantly boost your business.