The rise of real estate AI

As a professional content writer, one topic that consistently made headlines throughout 2023 has been Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, the technological advancements go far beyond chatbots such as Chat GPT. AI’s potential to revolutionize industries, including the real estate sector, and reshape how we live and work has captivated experts and enthusiasts alike.

However, despite the hype surrounding generative AI, as of November 2023, its practical application in business remains surprisingly limited.

According to recent statistics, less than 4% of businesses use AI tools to produce goods and services. This figure is astonishingly low, considering the immense benefits that AI solutions can offer to organizations.

Changing the Game with AI

From automation and optimization to enhanced decision-making and customer experience, AI has the potential to be a game changer in various aspects of business operations. Nonetheless, there is a gap between the commonly used chatbot AI programs and the machine learning technology that will supposedly run businesses in the future.

Several factors contribute to the slow adoption of AI tools in business. First, there still needs to be greater understanding and awareness among business leaders about the true capabilities of AI solutions. With limited use cases, many view AI as a futuristic concept rather than a practical solution that can provide immediate value.

Additionally, the complexity and cost associated with implementing AI systems can be daunting for businesses, notably smaller enterprises. The fear of disrupting existing processes and hesitancy to invest in infrastructure and talent are also obstacles that hinder widespread AI adoption.

Are the lack of understanding and fears warranted

In short, according to Steve deGuzman, an esteemed name in the real estate industry, the answer is a resounding “No.”

As a seasoned veteran with years of real estate market experience, Steve is the Founder and CEO of rēhavaPress, a company that has made a significant impact on the proptech sector. In 2006, he joined forces with Ted Tanner Jr., the founder of Belief Networks, Inc., to introduce a groundbreaking real estate technology concept  — the first Bayesian Predictive analytics at

Since that momentous collaboration, Steve deGuzman has consistently stayed ahead of the curve, leading the field in developing AI applications tailored specifically for the real estate market. His expertise and innovation in AI real estate tech have not gone unnoticed, benefiting the operational efficiencies of major national real estate organizations such as ReMax, Keller Williams, and Engel & Völkers.

How can AI tools be integrated into my operations?

Steve’s latest venture, the BrokerAppStack, marks a significant real estate industry milestone. This groundbreaking platform offers real estate companies a comprehensive suite of AI-powered real estate tools, revolutionizing the way real estate businesses navigate the digital landscape.

By leveraging this innovative technology, brokers can now build a robust digital infrastructure and achieve powerful organic growth without the need for traditional advertising costs.

Standing out from the crowd

What sets the BrokerAppStack apart is its unique design, which strongly emphasizes creating GEO-exclusive digital footprints. This means that real estate brokers can establish a robust online presence in their specific locations, enabling them to effectively tap into their local market sectors and connect with potential home buyers.

Through this GEO-exclusive approach, users can promote area-specific growth using an organic-only strategy without relying on paid advertising or costly real estate marketing campaigns.

Intelligent solutions

The BrokerAppStack provides a suite of AI-powered apps designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. This comprehensive stack of apps covers every aspect of the real estate business, from lead generation and customer relationship management to market analytics and transaction management.

With all these tools at their disposal, real estate agents can effectively automate tasks, improve customer experience, and ultimately focus more on building meaningful relationships with their potential buyers and sellers.

Real estate industry professionals take note

As the BrokerAppStack is adopted by more professionals in the real estate industry, they are discovering how the product has greatly enhanced their ability to connect with consumers and property owners to provide them with excellent customer service. The all-in-one platform offers a wide range of features that cover everything from customer engagement and listing descriptions to research, newsletters, and social media.

Personalized Property Search technology

One of the key advantages of the BrokerAppStack is its ability to streamline the property search process. With its advanced search capabilities, users are able to quickly find properties that meet their clients’ specific requirements. This allows for more accurate and personalized recommendations, saving both my clients and myself valuable time.

Additionally, the BrokerAppStack offers various tools and templates for creating compelling property listings. With its user-friendly interface, sellers can easily showcase their property’s unique features and selling points, attracting potential buyers and renters. This has proven incredibly effective in increasing leads and ultimately closing deals.

Better communication with homeowners

The platform’s integration with newsletters and social media channels enables more accessible connections with my clients and prospects. Real estate agents can effortlessly send out regular updates and featured property listings through email newsletters, ensuring their customers are always up-to-date. Social media integration allows reaching a wider audience and engaging with potential buyers and renters on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Dictating action with expertise

Steve’s BrokerAppStack product is a natural extension of his real estate expertise and is a game-changer in both the real estate industry and in proptech as a whole. His passion for residential real estate shines through his commitment to offering cutting-edge real estate solutions. Steve’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to leveraging advanced technologies have allowed him to revolutionize how real estate agents operate.

The BrokerAppStack offers a unique opportunity to take control of the digital experience and achieve organic growth through a GEO-exclusive approach. By leveraging the power of AI and cutting-edge technology, brokerages can build a robust online presence, streamline their operations, and ultimately thrive in the increasingly competitive real estate sector without the need for traditional advertising costs. The BrokerAppStack marks a significant milestone in the real estate industry and sets the stage for a new era of growth and success.